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You can join our Edge of the World Festival Society and become a coordinator, or just come out for the pre-festival work bees, or volunteer during the festival itself.


There are a number of areas that we need volunteers to help with from Ambiance to Transportation.  Those who work during the festival will have to pay their regular entrance fee, however once you complete 8-hours of volunteer time your gate fee will be fully reimbursed.  Those who work during the pre-festival work bees can receive a pass to get into the festival.


If you find that by the end of the festival you have spent too much money and need some extra cash to get home, remember that you can volunteer for clean-up on Sunday evening and Monday.  You will then be completely reimbursed for your festival pass.  We always need extra help on these days!


If you would like to Volunteer for our festival, please fill out the following application which will be sent to our Volunteer Coordinator.  If possible, please choose multiple areas of interest so we can adjust your schedule as the Festival may require.  Your information will be kept on file.  Please contact our volunteer coordinator prior to the festival if you wish to help with set up.  If you wish to help in any other area, report the the EOTW Hub Tent on the festival weekend and our Volunteer Coordinator will direct you to where your volunteer effort is needed.


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By submitting this application, I agree to attend any required training events, report for my scheduled shifts (unless I have notified the Volunteer Coordinator otherwise) and work my assigned duties, abide by any rules of the Festival, and generally present myself to the public in a manner which will at all times, reflect positively on the image of the Festival.

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