Performer Information

Performer Categories:

  • Headliner – This category is for groups who have an extensive background performing and recording.  We usually look for high energy bands who are willing to do two sets during the 3-day weekend


  • Off-Island Guests – Performers who to the festival for the experience of playing for a very appreciative audience.  These are non-paid spots, though we are able to offer small travel bursaries, and we are usually able to acquire travel assistance from the transportation carriers to the islands.


  • Local Headliner – Performers applying as a local (on-island) headliner should be experienced and provide some form of demo recording.


  • Local Artists - On-island performers, non-paid.  The number of spots will vary from year to year.


What to expect as a performer:

  • You will be provided with a Performers Welcome Package upon your arrival.  This package will contain everything you need to know about the festival and Haida Gwaii.


  • Hospitality is provided Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.  Hospitality offers fresh local food with a Haida Gwaii Flavour.  Coffee, tea, water and snacks are available at all times.


  • The festival occurs at the Fall Fair Grounds in Naikoon Park and all performers are billeted throughout the community of Tlell.  Billeting can be in someone’s house, in a cabin, at the Riverside B&B, or at the performers camping area just across the street from the festival grounds.


  • Transportation to and from your billet is arranged daily.  Transportation from the airport or ferry is also provided on your arrival and departure day.


  • Impromptu jamming with other performing groups or local performers is welcome and encouraged at our festival.


  • Read the BC Musician article for a full account of what it’s like to perform at the edge.  Written by Mike Southworth of Scatterheart.


About Tlell & Haida Gwaii:


  • Take time to explore the spectacular beaches in Tlell and the amazing hiking trails.


  • There is one store;  The Crow’s Nest, located just south on Highway 16 that sells fruit, produce, dairy, snacks, local Richardson beef, local meats, and much, much more.  Anne also sells beer, wine, and spirits.  The Crow’s Nest is also a small restaurant serving a variety of lunch foods.


  • There is NO bank machine in Tlell.


  • The weather on Haida Gwaii is variable.  Be prepared for anything, all during the same day!  Wear layers, it’s the best way to go.



  • There is no public transportation on Haida Gwaii, but if you wish to sight see, there is an Eagle Transit bus that runs daily.  You will be provided with a schedule.


Visit our local galleries, Sitka Studio and Crystal Cabin.  A wide range of local art and gifts are available.  You will also find Ernie’s Wood Carving on the same road.  See the Art Route brochure for more information.

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