2012 Performers


Headliners (in no particular order)


FM Hi Low Alseny Diallo&Kikeyambay Aurora Jane
The Broken Mirrors C.R. Avery



Featured Artists




Karsen (Carsen Leigh Gray) was born in Vancouver in 1991.  She moved to Haida Gwaii at the age of 8.  Carsen is of Haida Decent.


Karsen has been singing from the early age of 4 and is living in Vancouver pursuing a singing career in RnB.

The Pernell Reichert Band


The Pernell Reichert Band are a three piece band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Their music has been described as fast folk, alt folk, alt country, acid country, country punk, or cow punk.


In 2004, after several years as a treeplanter, hobo, roughneck and solo artist, Pernell formed the band in order to secure bigger gigs.


West my Friend


Since West My Friend was conceived in a Victoria café in 2009, they’ve emerged as a unique voice in the city’s music scene. Described as everything from indie-roots to chamber-folk, their acoustic blend of instruments and four-part harmonies challenges the conventions of popular music to create a performance that is both engaging and innovative. Songs are created through a collaborative process: well-crafted and clever lyrics, acrobatic mandolin riffs, flawless bass lines, and richly textured accordion combine as every member brings forward their own ideas and experiences.

Andrew Scott


Andrew Scott is an energetic and captivating singer/songwriter. His musicianship is top notch and his performances are always full of funk, humour, strange instruments, pterodactyl squawks, grunts, grooves, storytelling and good ol’fashioned zinger wit.


Liron Man


At the age of 18, when he had already appreciated and experienced various musical styles, he decided to try different instruments such as mandolin, bouzouki, clarinet, Ney flute and different percussion instruments, through these instruments Liron was exposed to additional and new musical styles at that specific period of time in his life such as gypsy music from Eastern Europe, Oriental music, Bossa Nova, Samba, Klezmer music, reggae, various Fusion music styles, and much more.

Off-Island Guests


Road Engine Dreams


Road Engine Dreams (aka “R.E.D.”) is a cataclysm of Indigenous energy, originality, and rock’n’roll.RED is a manifestation of the steadfast, and unyielding strength that it takes to triumph over life in the east side and beyond. The chord changes and melody in minor mixes the beat of the drums and hard riffs, almost like the uphill battle of life. The sonic qualities, tempo and rhythm makes this music so vivid, one can almost feel the pain in which we suffer or the freedom of taking a deep breath on a beautiful day. Almost like the border between music and noise so is music and culture in which Road Engine Dreams writes about in their music.   Based in East Vancouver, Road Engine Dreams albums were written about the life experiences of the band’s daily life. Compared to the likes of AC/DC, Guns n Roses,SoundGarden, Metallica and Tool


Dr. Fishy


Dr. Fishy is a 5 piece band from Terrace BC Canada created by singer/songwriters James Powell and Greg Linton. Combining folk, rock, jazz and blue grass, they have become North West BC festival favorites.

Dave Soroka


A singer/songwriter from Grand Forks, British Columbia
…a mythical figure in the Canadian indi music scene…his songs are humorous, contagious,
heart wrenching and capture the emotions and stories of a true Canadian troubadour.


Local Headliners


Honey Brown


The Islands of wonder, inspires, creates, heals, and home to Honey Brown, among many.
These seasoned musicians have been playing together for 9 years now and show no signs of aging with time; only music.   Playing a variety styles of music over the years from Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Jazz, Latin, and contemporary sounds of today.   Honey Brown is truly inspired by Haida Gwaii and their people, this band is and always be a band for the people.


 Out of the Blue


Out of the Blue: Out of the Blue was formed in 2009 as a last minute band for a local Port Clements Community Hall function, and has been going strong ever since.  Original Members Brock Storry, Jim Roberts, and Lorette Smillie have been playing with some pretty great local musicians along the way, and now have a Six member group that will be sure to have you on your feet with their version of Country, Rock & Roll, & Bluesy Licks.

Local Performers


Rip Tyde Air Kanada T. Wlls
Kevin Husband  Drive In Dub Jackson



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