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The Steve Brockely Trio
Folk music isn’t usually this greasy.  Leon Power’s grunt-worthy beats combined with Kevin Bertram’s percussive double bass swagger make a low-down grove while Steve Brockley’s finger picked electric guitar tactics and whiskey-blend vocals deliver some honest songs from the heart and from the guts. 
Doug Koyama

Doug Koyama uses improvised A Capella with a loop pedal.  He develops sound-scapes using voice and vocal percussion. As he builds he will sing solos along the way using invented language, soaring harmonies and rich tones. Everything is completely improvised. It’s like nothing you have heard before.

The Sweet Lowdown

The Sweet Lowdown is an acoustic trio (fiddle, banjo, guitar) from Victoria BC. Comprised of Amanda Blied , Miriam Sonstenes and Shanti Bremer. The Sweet Lowdown play a mixture of oldtime, bluegrass, and Americana, with both traditional and original material, and have a unique all-female vocal blend.

Andrea Romolo

Andrea Romolo has been called the antidote to too much Joni Mitchell, a tougher Dolly Parton, a sexier Janis Joplin, and has even been compared to Canada’s own Serena Ryder; but Ramolo has a sound that is all her own. Drawing stories from real life experiences, her tunes are direct, to the point, funny, sexy, and vulnerable all at the same time.


Niktex is a collaboration between Nikole Texidor and Manjinder Benning. “The Power of Yang” is an orchestral neo-folk jazz album with moments of electronic sounds, an eclectic mix of Indian and other worldly flavours with the tabla, synths and drums.  But live, you will find heavy harmonies, percussive instruments and minimal electronics.

Hilary Grist

Hilary Grist might have ended up as just another jazz noodler had it not been for a chance encounter with Norah Jones. Now she makes music that combines Jones’ jazzy sophistication with the naïve pop whimsy of Regina Spektor, while dabbling in a variety of other styles like country, folk, cabaret, and orchestral.

Klezmer Katz

Klezmer Katz Six musicians with a common love for the haunting melodies, interesting harmonies, flexibility to improvise and occasional opportunity to go nuts provided by the rich musical tradition of Klezmer. What is especially unique about this group is the fact that they have two very talented young kids who front the band.

Kristy Lane Sinclair

Kristy Lane Sinclair is a Haida Nation singer-songwriter armed with a classical guitar and the training to use it; she melds hard-edged vocals, doleful viola and whimsical guitar lines. It is an intoxicating mix of rock, folk, ambient and country. She is a nominee for Best Folk Album and Best Producer in this years APC Music Awards.

Nice Verdes

Nice Verdes could be labeled acoustic/fusion/roots, but really their sound is just original funky music.  Always drawn to collaborating with artists from all countries and they enjoy most of all the festivals that celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.  They visited the EOTW in 2009 and are back for your listening pleasure.

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